We know that our costumers depend on our products every day and that we need to be available for service and maintenance worldwide at short time.

On-Site Equipments support

NorDrill has a worldwide service network, making sure our Service Engineers can be available at sites all over the world, in short notice. Our strength is our skilled personnel with solid experience gained through long service time on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

RAS Support

With NorDrill’s Remote Access System (RAS) installed on our client’s products our skilled personnel can offer remote support 24/7. The RAS gives you faster, better and more efficient support. Early information and assistance is vital to be able to drill cost efficiently and reduce downtime.

Spare Parts

NorDrill provides our customers with a long term spare part arrangement, making sure planned maintenance is implemented and original spare parts for our client’s products are available at all times. Original spare parts and services will increase the earning potential throughout the product’s lifetime.


NorDrill has a pool of highly skilled engineers in hydraulics, mechatronics, electro, software and mechanical, ready for short or long term contracts. Our personnel can work both in office or on site. We offer highly skilled personnel with strong project management experience.

Training and courses

To ensure safe and efficient performance of NorDrill’s equipment, it is vital to always maintain an experienced and well-trained crew. NorDrill provides instructors who can train in classrooms or on site, making sure that the crew have all information and knowledge needed to operate the equipment. In addition, instructors can also help arrange courses within general hydraulic, electro and instruments, software, mechanics, drilling and operation.