Innovation and power combined.


NorDrill specialize in the production of some of the most advanced Top Drive's available on the market.


Nordrill delivers hydraulic and electric TopDrive Systems for desert and arctic conditions.


Products made from quality components such as Caterpillar, Bosch, Siemens and ABB


Nordrills engineering department creates detailed 3D drawings of our Topdrive products in your rig!

Who We Are?

NorDrill is a Norwegian company that designs, manufacture and sell state of the art Top Drive Systems.

What We Do?

NorDrill manufactures Top Drive Systems, designed with a focus on efficient and safe operations. NorDrill also repairs, modify and installs Top Drives and drilling equipment.

Why Choose Us?

Our Top Drive systems are built with high quality components and focus on safety, automation and efficiency.

NorDrill AS
And√łyfaret 33
4623 Kristiansand